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    As we progress into this new millennium  after completing the first decade,  it is imperative that Urban American  communities forge a united front, creating "internal economic development" that will benefit the true needs of the communities, without compromising the efforts of those before us.  In many communities it has become painfully and discouragingly clear that  sole "external economic dependency" can be detrimental to internal financial growth and prosperity.  

     Urban Americans contribute greatly to the economic development of this nation.  From a collective economic perspective, we spend over $1 trillion annually, yet in many areas, the economic resources appropriated for many  communities has little effect on decreasing the unhealthy states of education, healthcare, and employment.

It's time "we" take a proactive stance to ensure that our  communities reap some of the financial growth and wealth being generated from our dollars, so that  future generations will be in a position to live and succeed in these  increasingly challenging times with dignity, integrity, and a sense of pride irrespective of race or ethnicity.   

Maximizing the "Urban" dollar 

     Inspired by the dynamics of the “Black Wall Street” of the early 1900s, the UWSP aims to   reinvent and perpetuate its legacy of “community interdependence” and internal economic prosperity by developing an economic infrastructure that    mirrors that of its predecessor.

 Can you think of any organizations or  companies pioneering an economic development program with the  potential to create residual "internal financial growth" for the communities from which the revenue is generated. the community’s money?  We have to learn strategic postioning like those whom our dollars make wealthy daily!

Tapping  into revenue streams of billion dollar industries  including, broadband and telecommunications, Digital TV, as well as business partnerhips within these industries and more, the UWS Economic Initiative does just that!    

 The UWS will serve as a conduit  that will  essentially create a position of  "accounts receivable", as opposed to primarily "accounts payable" wherein a percentage of revenue generated from commmunties  purchasing/subscribing to these services is reditected for health care, housing, education, etc., to respective communites.

 Wealth Principle #1: Pay Yourself First!

 The goal of the UWSP is to develop strong, thriving  economic infrastructures created by essentially redirecting a percentage of the revenue generated  from these industries back to the generating  communities via commuity based treasuries.   By creating  networks of individuals with common aspirations and goals working together, incredible economic growth will be created and perpetuated internally.                 

                                                      -Earl Christian III, President



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